Have You Had Your MMR Vaccine?

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Children should receive their two scheduled doses of MMR vaccine on time at the ages of 12 months and 3 years and 4 months.

The MMR vaccine can be given from six months of age before travel to a high-risk country. Children who receive an MMR dose before their first birthday still require two further doses to be given at the recommended times.

Patients over the age of three years and four months who do not have two recorded doses of MMR vaccine should be caught up opportunistically.

There is no upper age limit to offering MMR vaccine and adults who are not protected should also be caught up. An item of service fee can be claimed manually via the CQRS MMR program for each dose of MMR administered to patients aged 16 years or over. This includes patients born before 1970 who have no history of measles or MMR vaccination.

New entrants from abroad and newly registered patients should have their immunisation history checked and missing doses caught up.

Postnatal women should have their MMR history checked.