If you Do Not Attend your appointment without notice

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It is important to let the practice know if you cannot attend an appointment or no longer need a telephone call

The number of DNAs (did not attend) is increasing.

In February 2023, there were 75 DNAs with the nursing team and 42 DNAs with clinicians such as GPs and physician associates

Without informing us, we cannot offer this appointment to a patient who needs it which increases waiting times for all and wastes valuable NHS time

A DNA will be recorded on a patient’s record if less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel

If a patient fails to attend an appointment without notice, a letter will be sent

If a patient fails to attend a second appointment without notice within a 12 month period, a further letter will be sent

If a patient fails to attend a third appointment within the same 12 month period, a decision will be made by the partners and management as to whether the patient is removed from the practice list

All letters are saved in the patient’s health record and are valid for a 12 month period