Oral Contraceptive Pill Check

If you take any of the oral contraceptive pills you will need an annual review (‘pill check’) at least every twelve months before we can re-authorise your prescription.

You may be due a review sooner if you have recently started or have changed your pill.

This form will allow you to complete the pill check online. We have set up the online pill check with the aim of making it quicker and easier for you to renew your prescription if your pill is suiting you and you wish to continue it. If you are having any problems or concerns or would like to discuss some of the newer ways of taking the combined pill, or discuss other forms of contraception, we would be more then happy to hear from you. Please book an appointment with your named GP or the practice nurse if you would like to discuss anything further.

To fill in this form you will need your current height, weight, and blood pressure. If you do not have the equipment to measure these at home, you are welcome to drop into the practice to do so (no appointment needed.)

The pill check will be sent to the practice team and your request will usually be processed within 2 business days. If there are any issues, we will contact you to discuss this further. If there are no issues, we will not contact you, and you may collect your pill from the nominated pharmacy.

If you need help navigating the form, please call the practice.